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Re-Design & Hobbing of Steel Pinion Gear to Eliminate Premature Wear for the Food Processing Industry

Re-Design & Hobbing of Steel Pinion Gear to Eliminate Premature Wear for the Food Processing Industry

Utilizing our design, hobbing, and CNC turning capabilities, Dayton Gear provided an innovative solution to a premature wear issue for a gear used in the food processing industry. After inspecting the pinion and bull gear setup, our engineers determined that it was possible to transfer wear to the mating pinion, rather than the larger and more expensive bull gear. This design shift would make the pinion the gear to be replaced, reducing maintenance costs.

Besides this operational change, Dayton Gear also redesigned the pinion gear, changing the base material from steel to a self-lubricating, high-strength nylon polymer with a replacement life of 12 to 15 months. Replacement cost and time for the bull gear had been $47,000 with a 14 week turnaround, both of which have been drastically reduced by the material and design change. Contact Dayton Gear for full details on other applications of our CNC turning and hobbing services.

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Re-Design & Hobbing of Steel Pinion Gear-Project Highlights

Product Description Dayton Gear Re-Designed a Steel Pinion Gear to transfer  pre-mature wear from bull gear to pinion gear
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design
  • Re-Design Pinion Gear w/ High Strength, Self-Lubricating Polymer
    • Utilizing  3D Modeling within SolidWorks
  • Transfer  Wear to the Mating Pinion
  • Pinion  Becomes The Replacement Gear to Reduce Maintenance Costs


Pinion Gear Manufacturing
  • Hobbing
Material Used Nylatron
Benefits Pinion Replacement Life is 12-15 Months
In process testing performed 100 % Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use Food Processing
Delivery Location Southern    Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Re-Design of Pinion Gear for Food Processing  Equipment
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