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Design & Build of Steel Spur Gear Set for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Design & Build of Steel Spur Gear Set for the Pulp & Paper Industry

A pulp and paper client came to Dayton Gear with a spur gear set that was failing unexpectedly and prematurely, within 3 months of installation. After inspecting the existing spur gear unit, our design engineers used 3D modeling in SolidWorks to design a new part, with a different diametral pitch, as well as an adjustment function to control use and wear. In addition to design, we fully manufactured the new spur gear set, using our hobbing and CNC turning services, available for this project and many other types of jobs.

In addition to design modification, we also sourced and manufactured the gear set from a harder alloy steel, extending the service life of this component from under 3 months to over 2 years. This material change saved the customer over $100,000.  Our highly efficient manufacturing turnaround times allowed us to deliver the completed component to our Southern Ohio client in less than 5 working days.

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Design & Build of Steel Spur Gear Set-Project Highlights

Product Description Dayton Gear Re-Designed a Spur Gear Set to correct a  pre-mature wear problem
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design
  • Designed New Spur Gear Set w/ Different Diametral Pitch
    • Utilizing  3D Modeling within SolidWorks
  • Designed  w/ Adjustment Capability for Wear Control
Spur Gear Set Manufacturing
  • Hobbing
  • CNC Turning
Material Used Alloy Steel
Benefits Service Life Extended Over 2 Years
Cost Savings of $100,000
In process testing performed 100 % Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use Pulp & Paper
Turn Around Time Under 5 Working Days
  • From Design to Complete Component
Delivery Location Northern Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Design & Build of Steel Spur Gear Set
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